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Online Fashion, Dresses & Clothes Shopping | SHOWPO Fashion Online Shopping


Monique Lhuillier / Home


CooliCool:The best wholesale and retail online shopping mall - free shipping

Sino Treasure

Online cheap clothing store where you can find bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses at wholesale prices.Our online store provides the clients with the best guidance and the low costs you merit with unfathomable investment funds contrasted with prescribed retail costs


Extreme micro bikinis, Bikini, Thong Bikinis, Hot Dresses, Swimwear Dress, Clubwear Dress


ADORED | VINTAGE, Vintage Clothing Online Store


Womens Apparel | Clubwear | Dancewear | Bodysuits | Evening Dresses | Bodysuits | Hot Fashion | Sexy Dresses | Tops | Jumpsuits | Accessories | Handbags | Shoes | Swimwear


Clothing, Fashion Jewelry and Accessories such as Women's Clothes


Reformation - clothing and Apparel

Grammies Attic

Grammie's Attic: Christening Gowns, Feltman Brothers Baby Clothes, Baby Sailor Suits, Heirloom Baby Clothes, Vintage Baby Clothes,Classic Baby Clothes


Prom Dresses 2014, Cheap Prom Dresses, Wedding Dresses 2014 for sale - AmorModa


Online Shopping - Clothes, Shoes, Accessories at Zovi.com - Online Fashion Store.


Dillard's - Official Site of Dillard's Department Stores - Dillards.com | The Style of Your Life


China Online Shop for Dropship and Wholesale, Buy cheap Gadgets and Clothing with with Free Shipping!


ANN TAYLOR: Women's Clothing, Suits, Dresses, Cashmere, Sweaters, Petites


Choies:the lastest high street fashion store-shop the fashion clothes and shoes


Superdry - Jackets, T Shirts, Hoodies, Shorts, Mens & Womens Clothing - Superdry


Karen Millen - Luxury Women's Clothes, Shoes & Accessories


Online Shopping - Clothes, Shoes, Accessories at Inkfruit.com - Online Fashion Store.


Front Row Shop - Home


Online Shopping Store for Wedding & Party Occasion Dresses


MRP Online Shopping | Apparel - Ladies, Men and Kids Fashion Clothing


Shop Vintage Style Fashion & Women's Fashion Online | RoseGal.com


Buy Sarees, Lehengas, Salwar Kameez, Kurtis | Wedding, Bridal, Designer, Party, Casual Wear | Online | Trivenisarees :Triveni Sarees


Online Clothes Shopping | Women Kurtas, Kurtis, Dresses, Tops, Jeans


Wholesale Clothing, Tops, Dresses & Accessories for Women | Apparel Deals


Online Shopping with Free Global Delivery - SYGMALL


Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Gowns, Bridal Accessories, Prom Dresses


Pretty Fantastic : The Latest Fashion Clothing Online Shop | CICHIC


Rockabilly Clothing | Pin up Clothing | Vintage & Retro Online shop


Shop women's clothes, dresses, shoes, coats, bags, accessories & more at JESSICABUURMAN.COM


Retro Dresses | 40's & 50's Vintage Inspired Women's Clothing | Trashy Diva


Great Glam- The Best clothes shop to buy sexy dresses, club tops, and shoes online at cheap prices. Our clothing Store sells clubbing tops, women's dresses, short skirts, sexy mini dress & heels.


Ardene - Girls Clothing, Footwear, & Accessories | Ardene Official Online Store


Shop Womens clothing,Sexy Dresses,Cheap Shoes,High Heels,Club Dresses,Prom Dresses,Clubwear,Crop Tops,Womens Boots


Women Clothing, Dresses, Shirts, Jeans, Accessories, Jackets | BSB


China Wholesale Shop, Trade Online, Buy Cheap Electronics, Import Gadgets, Phones, Tablet, clothing from Mixmelot.com


Socrase.com - Men's and Women's Clothing | Western Dresses and Tops


Satya Paul: Online Clothes Shopping, Buy Clothes Online, Women Clothing Online


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Tradesy stinks people running the place have lost there minds. Crazy shut down closets for crazy reasons
posted: Jan 12, 2017

by Leah Donovan

Don't waste your time with tradesy seams they get themselves in a tissy over nothing and block you out. Nothing wrong with selling dust bags

Check out Tradesy on Ripoff.com & pissedconsumer.com
posted: Oct 12, 2016

by Lazy Acres

I have been selling on Tradesy for at least 3 years now, maybe more. They use to release the funds when the package was scanned at the post office. Now they say it will take 21-30 days to get paid because they want my SS #. They have my bank acct #'s already, and its been working for years now all of a sudden I have to be a verified seller in order to get paid? I think they are short on funds so holding sellers payments and buyers refunds so they can get interest on the funds. They also say you don't have to accept returns if the item is listed in the wedding category. Of course I list most of my items (jewelry) in the wedding category. They accepted a return on earrings, which is against all health laws in the USA, and if that wan't bad enough, they have refunded the money twice for the same transaction and refuse to fix it. There is also a $13.65 cash balance on my acct since Feb of 2016 that I have not been able to transfer to my bank acct. and they still won't give me the money. At first they were fair/honest and listing was a breeze. Lately they have become sloppy, inconsistent, rude, ignorant and non helpful with problems. They even took back a bracelet from a customer that wasn't mine to begin with, (it looked similar but a cheap imitation/copy/knock off from China) and did a charge back on my account for it. I would love to find another venue to sell online my items, but Ebay is scandalous and how can anyone compete with Jewelry marked 925 from China for under $1 with free shipping? It's FAKE people!! But people swear its real because of the hallmark. They FAKE everything in China, why wouldn't they fake a .925 stamp? All of my jewelry I sell is tested 3 ways for authenticity: Magnetic (won't stick to sterling silver), then I do a scratch chemical test (which some items will pass as real if the plating is very thick) and last but no least I do an electronic test (nothing fake with get by this, it was a bit expensive) and I have an electronic gem tester as well that measures the hardness of a stone. I sell on Bonanza but only the premium members items really get shown on the site. If I am lucky I might sell 1 item every 2 months where as Tradesy I sell 5-10 items a day. Webstore.com is free, but not much traffic, another is Addoway and its doesn't have good traffic either. Threapflip worked well for me but they are now shut down. Storenvy is another that I sell on who's fees are reasonable, unlike Ebay , Etsy and Amazon but not real known by the public. If anyone knows of any place that has a fair and reasonable commission, I would love to know the name. Of course there is also Oodle, Ebay classified, Varage Sale, Craigslist, and Santu.com.

posted: Sep 25, 2016

by Adrienne

I found an Arcadia red shoulder bag on Tradesy that I really liked and purchased it. I later found out that the seller was out of the country for an extended period of time and wasn't returning to NYC until the end of August. She emailed me, (I believe her seller name was Kamchatka ) and told me this and I said, that it was fine, I really wanted the handbag and would wait until she returned to ship it to me. She said that sounded great but that I would have to repurchase it when she came back because the original sale had been cancelled! My question is why would it be cancelled. They should have asked me first , if I had decided I didn't want to wait that long, that would have been one thing, but no one ever asked me and I think this is poor business practice! She said not to worry, she would "save" it for me and would email me when she returned to the US. I waited the entire month and even past the end of August as I figured perhaps her return was delayed. I kept checking my messages on Tradesy and nothing! I waited until well into September and still nothing, so I messaged her and asked her if she had returned yet because I was still waiting and wanted the bag. No reply from Kamchatka! I go on Tradesy site yesterday and see that the bag was back on the site and now sold!! Obviously right out from under me and to someone else! How fair is this when I had purchased it first for them to cancel my sale when I didn't even ask them to? I will now turn to other resale sites ( and I found there are a lot of them) other than Tradesy because of the terrible way this was handled. BTW, all the messages between me and this seller had been deleted all of a sudden, including my messages to her! Sneaky and underhanded and not good business. I told all of my friends what a great site Tradsey was, I will now tell them to steer clear of this site.

Tradesy is HORRIBLE!!!! Takes weeks almost a month to get your money and the second you complain they shut your account down by this guy Blain cause your not a cheerleader of there crap and than you wait another month and hope you get your money. RUN they are all self hype and online marketing
posted: Aug 14, 2016

by dealdiva2

Tradesy the online nightmare to get your money or help

posted: Jan 13, 2016

by Erin

I bought my very first LV purse from Nikki....she is wonderful very nice person. Extremely fast shipping and the purse was exactly what she had described. I just wanna say thank you to Nikki for making my first buy on Tradesy a positive and painless one!!!

posted: Jan 12, 2016

by Saya

Fast delivery, great quality business, thank you

posted: Jan 11, 2016

by Teri

Fast shipping and wonderful quality. I would definitely order again. Thank you!

Best place to shop
posted: Jan 11, 2016

by Cely

Hi all I love Tradesy is the best place where to shop I'm a shopaholic every week I shop at Tradesy all the time. what I like about Tradesy is that you shop good quality and brands, customers service is there when you need them. no matter what used or new still a great deal. If it doesn't fit Tradesy resolve the problem for you free returns and money back guarantee loves it. I recommend these site to everyone... I talk to my friends about and they all addicted to it. Thanks Tradesy for you service best site ever πŸ˜€πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ did my Christmas shopping here.. Gracias Tradesy

Website is amazing
posted: Jan 09, 2016

by Kim

Really love the site. It has reasonable items. Need to have more sales

Amazing! Shopping perfected
posted: Jan 09, 2016

by B.Lord

If you miss out on something in the stores this allows you to buy it after the fact. Or even during the fact!

Pleasantly surprised!!!
posted: Jan 08, 2016

by Lois

I have purchased 3 pairs of designer shoes and couldn't be happier.

Very good experience!
posted: Jan 06, 2016

by T.T.

I had a very good experience. The sellers were very fast in communication and very fast shipping.

Great experience.
posted: Jan 05, 2016

by Lilly

Enjoyed all the merchandise I purchased. Disappointed with one seller who never responded and they had to cancel my order but got a better product. Happy would buy again and refer my friends.

Love It!!!!!
posted: Jan 04, 2016

by Yolanda

I've had great experiences on Tradesy! My items were of very good quality and always delivered within several days of placing my order. I am very pleased and confident of purchasing items.

Love Tradesy
posted: Jan 03, 2016

by Christina

I've purchased at least on fifteen separate occasions. Each time the customer service keeps an eye on every purchase made and takes care of you before anything can become a problem.

New favorite shopping site
posted: Jan 03, 2016

by Lynn

I Like what trades has to offer and the ability to pay it down is very accommodating.

I love Tradesy!
posted: Jan 02, 2016

by Tori

I had a great experience with Tradesy and definitely would recommend this company to my family and friends.

posted: Jan 02, 2016

by Clara

I love Tradesy I have made several purchases and have never been let down. The Seller's have been on the up & up without any disruptions or issues. Tradesy has truly been about the business of customer service. Would and have recommended this site to many!!!! Love iT!

The best!
posted: Jan 01, 2016

by MrsBac

Truly the best of its kind! I love the hassle free returns and excellent customer service!

posted: Jan 01, 2016

by Shantier

Everything I have purchased has been in the best shape. Definitely worth every penny. Great customer service.

Tradesy has GREAT deals!
posted: Dec 30, 2015

by SherryInTexas

Great customer service, prices and lots of promo code/sales. I have already added several items to my Louis Vuitton collection. Most sellers get back to you right away and are very professional. I am addicted!

Excellent curated fashion, exceptional service
posted: Dec 30, 2015

by Rosana

Every experience with Tradesy has been excellent. From the items specially curated, to the promptness of service, to the follow through, it is a memorable shopping experience. I am a (hooked) fan!

Greedy Gouging Money Hungry Tradesy
posted: Nov 30, -0001

by Lazy Acres

Tradesy has now changed their fee scale and will charge $15 per item that is sold under $50. On top of that they still take 3% to transfer the money to your account and transferring can take up to a month! They have no loyalty to their buyers and when questioned about the experience of their team of 'experts', decline to answer. They take back items from customers with no questions asked and then charge back the seller. In one return case I had, the returned item was a fake, not what I sent the customer. So the customer got the real deal and I got a fake back. They are horrible to deal with as a seller and after 2 plus years of selling on the site I have closed my account and will be moving on to different sites that don't charge you all your profits.

Poor Service Wait forever to get paid after they take out their outrageous fees!
posted: Nov 30, -0001

by Fancy

They will take 30 days to dep. your money in to you account after the buyer has received the item. As a seller I listed a Tiffany Bracelet and it sold, the buyer then opened a case saying it was not the same as listed, it was a fake. They sent me back the item after never depositing the sale price in my account. The buyer had switched the bracelet with a fake and sent it back to Tradesy saying that is what they received. Thank goodness I had the weight of the bracelet labeled on the the original shipping label and the one they sent back was less then 1/2 the weight of the item I sent. After 3 months of going back and forth, I finally got my money. Closed my acct. and went with Poshmark and Mercari instead. They also are double dipping in the tax dept. Only the buyer should pay taxes but if you are a seller they also charge you taxes plus the buyer if you live in a state (for ex. WA state) that has state taxes. They are HORRIBLE!!! DON'T DO IT!!

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